Marvel is celebrating its tenth anniversary in style. We got the redesigned logo, got a few special videos highlighting the last ten years and of course the early release of Avengers: Infinity War.  Marvel Studios has produced 20 iconic films and they are not going to end the year without a few more celebrations. The production company is now opening an art exhibit at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. Together with Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s art studio subsidiary, they will highlight artwork inspired by the first 20 films that were produced by Marvel Studios. It will open on Friday, October 12th and will end on October 20th. Mondo Creative Director Eric Garza stated the following about the studios’ success and inspiration for the exhibit.

“What Marvel Studios has accomplished over the last ten years is nothing short of remarkable. They’ve given us heroes that are big and small, mighty and cosmic while telling incredible stories that are often sweepingly epic while at the same time nuanced and personal. We are incredibly excited to celebrate ten years of monumental filmmaking and characters courtesy of the mighty Marvel Studios. Make Mine Marvel!”

They already highlighted the various talents by showcasing a piece of artwork inspired by the film that started it all, Iron Man. This piece was drawn by artist César Moreno and is our first look at what we can expect from the exhibit. Hopefully, these artwork pieces will also be showcased online and be available for people that won’t have a chance to visit Texas for the exhibit.

It is also a nice touch that their “The First Ten Years” celebration design has remained consistent with each published article including the golden design. Always wondered if the inspiration came from Iron Man‘s main design of red and gold, or if it even is a tribute to the Golden Age of comics. Marvel Studios has really evolved when it comes to their approach to posters. In the beginning, they made some typical photoshopped posters but started cooperating with various artists to create some rather memorable designs. This also isn’t the first time Marvel Studios has organized an exhibit, as they still have the Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. showcasing props from the films, which also has opened a new location in the London. There also was the large exhibit in Australia that had a large variety of props and materials from the films.

Will you fly out to Austin to see the exhibit?

Source:, Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., Newsarama

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