When it was announced that Sony and Disney mended ties and opted for a renewed deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, fans breathed a sigh of relief at the wonderful notion of Spidey remaining in the family. Now, a new potential deal between the two companies has arisen, this time it’s about Spider-Woman. In the latest episode of the Murphy’s Law Podcast, Charles Murphy shared that he heard about Kevin Feige‘s renewed interest in working with Sony to properly bring Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman into the MCU, the same way they did for Peter Parker. Listen to the 42:50 mark.

The last that I heard, they were at least having conversations with Sony about trying to make it a co-opt. I know that Feige is at least interested in making a Jessica Drew movie with Sony

The rights to Jessica Drew are complicated and that’s putting it mildly. She has ties to the High Evolutionary and HYDRA, properties that are owned by Disney. A retcon of her HYDRA origins rehashed it into something more akin to how Peter Parker got his powers. The character found prominence in the comics thanks to her ties to the New Avengers and S.W.O.R.D.. However, the moniker Spider-Woman is a name shared by a bunch of peripheral Spider-Man characters and therefore is owned by Sony. But the Jessica Drew character alone, sans all the spider references, makes it seem like she’s a character owned by Disney. In fact, Jessica Drew has more connections to the larger Marvel world than she does Spider-Man’s. And the fact that the character is missing from the list of the live-action solo Marvel films Sony is developing for themselves makes the character’s ownership suspect.

Bottom line, the way the character’s rights are set up and the way her story is told in the comics makes it an ideal situation for Marvel and Sony to collaborate. There is the likelihood of getting Jessica Drew in the MCU down the line without Sony’s help, albeit a washed down version without the connection to the Spider-verse. The same can be said if Sony does their own Spider-Woman film without all the good Jessica Drew stuff.

Source: Murphy’s Law Podcast