Avengers: Infinity War is in the midst of pre-production, with the main cast expected to start filming soon. As the brain trust behind the film continues to work away at the script and scout locations, they are now also sharing more information with fans via social media. Earlier today the Russo brothers may have tweeted a cryptic image, now producer Louis D’Esposito is giving hints about a production meeting.

Now the whole purpose of an image like this is to get fans excited, while also sharing zero information. But D’Esposito is telling fans a few things. First of all, they are talking about the “Infinity Gauntlet” comics. This is significant for a couple of reasons. One, some MCU films have little to zero connection to comic book storylines. For example, “Age of Ultron” in the comics looks absolutely nothing like Avengers: Age of Ultron. One assumes that the writers of that film spent zero time looking at the comic series. But in this case copies of “Infinity Gauntlet” are floating around the room. Two, this is proof that despite the “Infinity War” title, the film will be more along the line of “Infinity Gauntlet.” Many fans, including us here at MCUExchange, assumed as much, but this gives some official confirmation.

Another topic of conversation has been which new characters may or may not appear in the movie. This cover features Thanos, which is an obvious character to appear. It also features Death and Mephisto, part of Thanos’ entourage who play key roles in the story of “Infinity Gauntlet.” Is it possible that the producers are talking about the casting of either or both of those roles? Doctor Strange is on that cover, which makes sense. He is a major part of the comic and his addition to the MCU seems more and more to connect to Infinity War. The final character on the cover is Silver Surfer. Given that his rights lie at Fox, he won’t be in the movie. That is unless D’Esposito is literally in the coolest meeting ever, i.e. the meeting where they are told that the Fantastic Four and attendant characters are now available to them! Unlikely, but a fan can dream.

At the very least this is more evidence that the wheels are spinning full speed at Marvel Studios. Between the location scouting photos, the social media posts, and a twitter claim that filming is already happening, it’s clear that more details should start to leak. Set photos are likely not that far off and maybe some casting news or confirmation of who is and isn’t appearing in the movie. Since the film doesn’t release for another 18 months, Marvel will want to keep some things under wrap (characters in Infinity War almost certainly aren’t dying in the four films between now and then), but more info will make it to the internet eventually!

Source: Twitter