We are only a few weeks away of the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the release of Marvel Studios’ first film Iron Man. For many, it has been an incredible journey to see a small franchise grow as large as it has. We now three films involving Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, who were all considered B or even C-list characters at one point. Spider-Man returned home and joined the MCU. Black Panther is breaking records as we speak and even out-there concepts like the Guardians of the Galaxy have become household names. So much has happened and Marvel Studios just released a one-minute video thanking everyone that followed them along their long path.

It is amazing to think what we have seen over the last ten years. Seeing the various actors that portray our favorite heroes thanking the fans for their commitment is a beautiful touch. Avengers: Infinity War feels like the end of an era and this video does highlight that fact. Marvel Studios is going out of their way to thank their dedicated fans in many ways, as they also released t-shirts with “More Than A Fan” on them to highlight how far they got as a result of their viewers. With over 18 films in the making, we still have an unnamed sequel to Infinity War that may usher in a new beginning for the MCU. This is not the end of the franchise but certainly a milestone we will not easily forget!

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