Avengers: Endgame was the end of an era. Thanos’ quest for the Infinity Stones had come to an end. We may have only seen him sparingly throughout the Infinity Saga but the mad titan certainly left behind a memorable legacy. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding his backstory. We did get a look into his relationship with his children and what happened to his home planet but these were just glimpses. The upcoming release of The Eternals opened up the possibility of exploring his origin among his people. We still haven’t received confirmation if he will have a role in the film. Looks like there might still be a chance, as MCU Cosmic’s sources revealed that there are plans to bring him back.

Take this with a grain of salt though. There is no specific storyline or idea where they would include him. So, this doesn’t confirm the chance that he would appear in Eternals. It does make sense to bring back the iconic character at some point. There is a lot of his own story that hasn’t been explored yet. Marvel Studios seems to be exploring non-linear narratives with Black Widow as a midquel and Eternals generally exploring the MCU’s history. We might see more stories in the future that explore different timelines or even dimensions to set-up phase-specific story elements.

Thanos has become such an iconic character, it would be a bit of a waste not to use him again. At the same time, his major arc ended in Endgame so it will be challenging. They could just have him return as cameos that explore his actions before the events of Avengers: Infinity War, such as destroying Xandar in the rumored Nova project.

Do you want to see Thanos return? Where would you like to see him return?

Source: MCU Cosmic