With all of the hype surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming, we shouldn’t forget that Thor: Ragnarok is just under 4 months away, and from the look of the first trailer, there’s a lot to be excited about. While we’re still awaiting the first full-length trailer for the film, we’ve recently gotten an interesting bit of news regarding the production of the film. Ragnarok was mainly shot in Queensland, Australia, and principal photography wrapped late last October. However, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it appears that the film is undergoing reshoots in Atlanta.

The AJC sent out a casting call for “fit men” to play extras in a scene. For those of you who are interested in pursuing work as extras in the ATL, don’t get too excited. Unfortunately, the mandatory fitting for the parts passed a few days ago, so don’t worry about applying for this round. From the few details we got in the casting call, it sounds like the scene is calling for extras to play Asgardian warriors. Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios houses a number of sound stages, so it makes sense that this scene will take place in Asgard, given the fact that most of the architecture there is created digitally.

Given the fact that these scenes will likely be shot indoors in a sound stage, it’s also not likely that we’ll see any set photos drop online either. However, this does confirm that Ragnarok is going through reshoots, so that means that production is winding down for the film. Now bring on that trailer!

Source: The AJC

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.