So check out this potentially game changing report regarding the fate of Marvel TV. The Hollywood Reporter just announced that New Warriors was being pulled from ABC’s sister network Freeform, after the network’s failure to allot a proper 2018 time slot for the series. In the report, THR cites several interesting details about the behind-the-scene deals like how Freeform wanted New Warriors so much they fought tooth and nail to get it and how hella good its pilot episode was that even big-time Disney executives were blown away by it. However, there’s one tiny bit of news in THR’s report that really gets our attention and it pertains to the future of Marvel TV:

Sources suggest Disney-owned Marvel — which has a multiple-show deal at Netflix that includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, The Defenders and upcoming Punisher — is no longer able to sell to outside companies.

By outside companies, they likely mean companies that aren’t owned by Disney. Count Netflix as one of them.

In the wake of Disney announcing their own streaming service, something like this was bound to happen. Inevitable to hear but still very alarming. If this report is indeed accurate, starting from now on Marvel is prohibited to lease/sell comic properties to companies not owned by Disney. This raises several alarming questions. What happens to future Marvel-Netflix properties? Netflix has more than proven its stake in the MCU and fans are hoping for more new Marvel properties on that platform. Is that possibility dead? What happens to our Blade and Moon Knight Netflix show?

Amidst all this worry, there is a silver lining to be found. Being the giant conglomerate it is, Disney does own several TV companies. On top of ABC, Freeform and ESPN, they own A&E, History Channel, and Lifetime. The streaming service Hulu where Runaways is set to air is also co-owned by Disney so there is a bit of hope for future properties. It’s all a matter of distributing properties in appropriate platforms.

We reached out to Netflix for a comment and are still waiting for a response. Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis on this by our own Caleb.

Source: THR