As Marvel continues to pivot as an entity toward a film and TV production company first and a comic publisher second, one can start to see the direction of one from the other. With Marvel Studios growing in prominence the comics have either bolstered certain properties to help support their shows (see the relaunch of “Ghost Rider” to correspond with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) or ceased titles which belong to other studios (see the shut down of “Fantastic Four” and undervaluing of “X-Men). The biggest winner from this process has been Inhumans. The property is most similar to X-Men but lies in the rights of Marvel for film/TV. Over the last few years, the Inhumans have gone from a footnote in the history of the Fantastic Four to a major part of the Marvel Universe. That process will continue in 2017 with the launching of a new bundle of Inhumans titles, and seems to suggest Marvel is betting big on the Inhumans TV show on ABC.

Recently ScreenRant sat down with Marvel editors Wil Moss and Charles Beachem to discuss the titles, and how the new series relate to the upcoming show.

ScreenRant: With a TV show coming up, the Inhumans are about to get a big boost into the public eye. Do you think they’ll be a major focus moving forward for Marvel?

Wil Moss: Yeah, with Marvel there continues to be so much potential in these characters. There’s these great Stan [Lee] and Jack [Kirby] originals, just like all the other concepts they created, have so much room to explore and they haven’t had as much time in the spotlight as the rest. There’s just more opportunity to explore crazy new situations with these characters.

Moss points out something that makes the Inhumans important to the MCU, and a way that they are similar to the X-Men. Since characters are essentially born with powers, it lies in their DNA, then origin stories aren’t essential. In a market were even good movies like Doctor Strange get knocked for being “paint-by-numbers origin stories,” it helps to have a stable of characters who can just roll out without a need to describe their origins.

The editors fielded several questions about the TV side of things and tried to stay pretty close to the vest. The comics really are their own world, they asserted.

ScreenRant: Speaking of Secret Warriors, with the Inhumans’ relaunch – we’ve seen them in and out of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – are we going to see a connection between Agents, the Inhumans’ show, and the comics? Or will those two worlds remain self-contained?

Wil Moss: It’s going to be its own thing. Kind of like, everything we do at Marvel in terms of our other divisions. We all keep abreast of everything that going on in the different divisions, we share our material and plans, but it’s still its own stuff. The Secret Warriors, that was the series here first, the show ended up borrowing the name for it. We’re visiting that whole concept, now with the original series. Carey brought in a whole bunch of kids but the main one, the star pupil was Quake, was Daisy Johnson. So now, this series is revisiting that and Daisy’s in the Fury role – she’s assembling the team. So there’s some broad similarities between things on the TV and film side but it’s really its own thing. It’s own material. The Inhumans TV show that’s coming out, it’s going to feature cast of the Royals book but both are going to be their own things for sure.

The TV and comic interaction is really just on the level of titles. ABC liked the Secret Warriors concept and borrowed it, and the appearance on TV made the comics more interested in revisiting the idea. Certainly, many fans wish that ABC had actually done more with the concept, given their love of the comic books. The only long term effect of that storyline is the continued presence of Yo-Yo on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If those new to the Inhumans are looking for a comic on-ramp into the property before the TV series comes in September, Marvel is already working on it. “Inhumans Prime” will serve as a one-shot comic to help new readers, and viewers, to get their feet under them before the new comic series and shows hit next year.

ScreenRant: Clearly, lots of people will discover the Inhumans from watching them on TV. Inhuman Prime is, effectively, an “Inhumans primer.” Will the latest book clarify things for people who are just coming into the fold unfamiliar with these classic characters?

Wil Moss: Yeah, the Prime one shot that Al Ewing and Ryan Sook are cooking up is designed to be just that – an introduction for people who aren’t familiar with the characters and kind of a hook for people who are already into the characters. It’s designed to appeal to people who haven’t been reading the books and have heard things on the TV show and are curious. It’s a great for meeting everybody before we launch these books.

Screenrant went on to ask about the possibility of seeing major Marvel characters make the leap to TV, and if the Inhumans series might be a chance for that to happen.

ScreenRant: It’s always fun to see the interplay of both universes back and forth. Of course, Secret Warriors has a lot of big players. Do you think they’ll be in and out of the various properties more. For instance, could Ms. Marvel or Moon Girl make it onto television?

Wil Moss: Who’s to say? We’ll see what happens in terms of that. We’re just focused on making the comic as big as it can be.

Obviously, the comics editors can’t talk about TV development and may not even know what Marvel is planning for home screens. But the continued expansion of the Inhumans on the comic side and the creation of the TV series cannot be an accident. Marvel is pushing the Inhumans in so many ways. They have taken Ms. Marvel from a largely solo character and continued to embed her more and more into the Inhumans. All of these developments can’t hurt the possibility that Khmala Khan may appear in the MCU at some point.

To see more on the new Inhumans’ series (“Black Bolt,” “The Royals,” “Secret Warriors,” and “Inhumans Prime”) go over to the ScreenRant piece in the source below.

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Source: ScreenRant