The next network television show from Marvel will be on the big and small screens in a few months, when Inhumans makes it’s series premiere on Imax theaters, to be followed by airing on ABC this fall. It is a huge step for Marvel Television, one that you are more likely to see from a network like HBO than ABC. With all of that pressure, it looks like the network is leaving plenty of time for post-production, as the series has already wrapped filming in Hawaii!

Of course, they series started filming in March, so this has been a fairly normal length of time for a show shooting eight episodes. What isn’t normal is that it wold be filmed so far in advance of airing. But in a world with a telepathic giant dog, a queen who can control her hair, and a king who can destroy a city with a word, there is likely to be a good bit of post-production that will need to be finished, and finished well, for the series to be a success.

Bringing the Inhuman Royal Family to life in the more grounded manner that the television side of Marvel has clung to will be a tricky balance. Hopefully, we’ll have an official trailer, soon, in order to see how well the cast and crew have pulled off this monumental task. Inhumans will premiere in Imax Theaters on September 1, then air on ABC on Friday nights through the fall.

How excited are you to see what they have put together over the past three months? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Reel News Hawaii