When news broke last week that Marvel and ABC were teaming up with IMAX to launch an Inhumans television series in 2017, it’s safe to say most fans were thrown for a loop. After all, during the press tour for Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Doctor Strange, Kevin Feige continued to hint at the possibility of the Inhumans still making their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, just possibly not until Phase Four. Unfortunately, while Marvel revealed some information regarding the series in their press release, there was still plenty of information missing, such as when the show’s IMAX premiere would take place, and if this would have any actual impact on the previously planned film.

Now, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, we have a bit more news surrounding the project. According to THR, Marvel’s The Inhumans will premiere on Labor Day 2017 in IMAX theaters. The first two episodes will be shown in over 1,000 theaters across 74 countries for two weeks. THR also reported that IMAX covered the budget for the first two episodes which may have offset some of the more expensive special effects involved. (Anyone that had concerns regarding the budget, this should definitely ease your concerns.) Interestingly enough, it appears that the premiere will be expanded with additional content for the broadcast release following the exclusive IMAX run. The Inhumans series will receive a large marketing push, with ad campaigns by ABC, IMAX, and Marvel to help drive interest in the series. As for casting? Per THR, the series has not begun casting for the project yet.

For fans of the royal family, some of the details THR was able to uncover concerning the pilot should please fans. According to their report, some of the action scenes in the pilot will be set on the Moon. This is significant because in the comics, the Inhuman’s main city of Attilan is set on the Blue Area of the Moon. The scenes shot on the moon will be shot entirely on IMAX cameras, as will the rest of the action scenes for the show.

Perhaps the biggest reveal from their write-up was the revelation that the upcoming series does not serve as a replacement for the previously planned feature film. ABC representatives informed THR that The Inhumans television series will not replace the planned feature film. This is intriguing, especially as the Inhumans series will feature the Inhuman Royal Family and follow Black Bolt as the protagonist. This may indicate the first real crossover between Marvel film and television. It is likely that the eventual Inhumans film will also feature the Inhuman Royal Family as well. Of course, this all more than likely hinges on how the series is received when it premieres next year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.