Near the end of July, we ran a rumor that Marvel may be developing a Thunderbolts series for Netflix. Roughly 10 days ago, Marvel TV Frankenstiened their Bobbi Morse/Lance Hunter TV series. Could these two developments be related?

The Mockingbird TV series had quite a ride these past few months. Initially reported to be in development back in April, the show was apparently pulled from ABC’s schedule in early May before being green-lit as Marvel’s Most Wanted in mid-August. Less than a month prior to the re-ignition of the show, a rumor swirled that Marvel TV was looking to produce a Thunderbolts series on Netflix as a part of their follow up to The Defenders. Given my inability to accept coincidence, I decided the two upcoming series might just be related.

The title of the developing ABC show is a direct link to a collected volume that tracks the origins of the original Thunderbolts. Kurt Busiek, Roger Stem, Ralph Macchio, and Mark Gruenwald came together across a few series along with reprints of some original Jack Kirby and Stan Lee work to deliver the “true origins” of the Thunderbolts.

The question becomes, could a company who prides itself on it connectivity link two shows together? Could Marvel’s Most Wanted be a prequel to Marvel’s The Thunderbolts? Is it possible that the ABC show finds Mockingbird and Hunter tracking and incarcerating super-villains who will later populate a Netflix Thunderbolts show? In short: sure.

With the focus of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. turning towards Secret Warriors, there is most certainly a place for Bobbi and Lance to continue their adventures as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hunting down other powered individuals and locking them away. Maybe, somewhere down the line, the link is made between the two shows via a Norman Osborn cameo or simply the mention of some of the super-villain prisoners from Marvel canon.

Marvel has made it pretty clear that a movie (series, in this case) title does not have to strictly represent reality. Avengers: Age of Ultron had nothing to do with the film and it is believed that Captain America: Civil War will be vastly different than its comic book counterpart. Keeping that in mind, it’s entirely possible that the two shows are completely unrelated. At this point, the only show we know is even a reality is *Marvel’s Most Wanted”, meaning the whole premise of this article is nonsense. Regardless, the point was to alert you all to a potential connection so that IF it happens, you remember where you heard it first!