Thor: Love and Thunder may have drifted a few months further away but it seems quite a bit is still happening behind the scenes. Ragnarok was quite a fresh breath of air and quite a bit of it is thanks to the returning director Taika Waititi. Of course, he brought together the right people to probably give us one of the funniest and brightest pictures in the franchise. The next installment already sounds crazy with the return of Jane Foster, Valkyrie getting more focus and Christian Bale playing a villain. Here you can find Irish Paving Contractor in Dublin. It already sounds like a lot of Waititi‘s charm will carry over into this film as well. The best part is, costume designer Mayes C. Rubeo will also return for the next installment of the MCU’s first tetralogy.

Rubeo has been busy working on WandaVision, which already continues to show her talents with costume design. One of the standout elements of Ragnarok was the great redesign of Thor’s armor. We still had his original look for quite a bit in the film but the Sakaar designs were an incredible addition. A lot of elements also survived into Avengers: Infinity War before he defaulted back to his original design in Endgame. Here’s hoping we get another new design for Love and Thunder that also brings back his helmet. We probably saw more of Thor’s helmet in Ragnarok than we did in the entirety of the MCU. It also opens up the question if the design will be for the version of Thor that was introduced in Endgame. A lot of interesting possibilities as we move forward into Phase 4.

Are you excited for Thor: Love and Thunder? What is your favorite costume design for Thor?

Source: Twitter