The Infinity Saga may be over, but there’s plenty to look ahead on the MCU. Spider-Man: Far From Home will be hitting theaters in less than a month, and the hype train for the future could not be going faster. Since the web-slinger joined the universe, people have been talking about who could play the Norman Osborn to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and it looks like an official answer could be close.

The latest weeks have been filled with speculation concerning the character, including a potential casting, and now it seems Marvel Studios is looking for actors to portray a character codenamed “The Benefactor”. Male, preferably caucasian, in his 40s to 60s  and will shoot scenes in Atlanta sometime this year. That’s all we know about this “mysterious and nefarious benefactor”, as the casting goes, but it’s enough to make him sound a lot like what a Norman Osborn would look like in the MCU.

Maybe he’s another billionaire that shows up to fill the void left behind by Tony Stark’s death. Maybe he’s a benefactor who rebuilds areas that were destroyed in the big battles of the universe. Maybe both. However it is, the description lights up the speculations that said Norman could be showing up in the MCU sooner rather than later.

It should be noted that Walton Goggins’s Sonny Burch, from Ant-Man and The Wasp, was employed by someone with that very same name. It’s likely that we’re talking about the same character, and that would mean we’ve been seeing this guy mess up with the MCU heroes’ life for a while. Also, the shooting schedule is interesting, since the only film in production right now is Black Widow, with The Eternals probably getting started this year too. Be him Norman Osborn or just the boss of Ant-Man’s villain, both of these films sound like odd places for The Benefactor to show up. Maybe an unrelated post-credits scene? Who knows.

Source: GWW