Looking for a comics appetizer before heading to your local IMAX theater for a showing of Inhumans?  We suggest you check out the classic by Jenkins and Lee, a 12-issues series from the late 90’s which is technically Vol. 2 of the property.

A couple of things make this series stick out as significant.  First of all, the modern take on Inhumans is rooted in this book.  After having various adventures with the , the royal family had moved to the back burner through much of the 80’s and 90’s.  For many fans today, this book was the entry point to the characters and the influence of the series is still felt in the era of Inhumans.

The book also features elements that fit with what trailers have shown for the show.  Maximus will be starting a rebellion against his brother (as per usual), but his most treacherous turn is in this series.  He also famously cuts Medusa’s hair, which is a plot element in the upcoming series according to the latest trailer.  Overall Maximus role in the show appears to be somewhat similar to that in this run of Inhumans.

Besides the likelihood of the connection with the show, this comic is also just a fantastic read.  Each character gets their own moment in the sun.  Triton has a stand alone issue that is particularly poignant.  The focus on Black Bolt’s psychology is excellent.  What would it mean to not be able to speak?  How would years of silent rule slowly wear on one’s psychological health?  How does a speechless marriage work?  Black Bolt is tortured but steady, Medusa is strong and loyal, Karnak is calculating, Gorgon is headstrong, it all just clicks like it should.

If it sounds interesting, you can click on the link below to purchase your copy today on Amazon.