With 2016 coming to an end this weekend, most of the major film and television critics in the country have released their top ten best lists of films and TV shows. While MCU properties tend to not get major nominations outside of the visual effects categories, some critics, particularly those more focused on genre films, do recognize Marvel’s excellence. Here’s a quick rundown of the MCU properties who have received recognition in the 2016 year end top ten lists.

Agent Carter

10th best show at Las Vegas Weekly

Captain America: Civil War

6th best film for Don Kaye at Den of Geek

4th best film at Empire

10th best film for the EW staff

5th best film at Total Film/GamesRadar+

8th best film at Popsugar

8th best film at Uproxx


4th best show at Hidden Remote

IGN Top Ten show

Doctor Strange

9th best film at Movie Nation

2nd best film at People

2nd best film at St. Louis Post-Dispatch

9th best film at Total Film/GamesRadar+

Luke Cage

7th best show at Hidden Remote

Huffington Post Top Ten show

6th best show at Maclean’s

6th best show at NPR

TheWrap Top Ten show

Yahoo Top Ten show

It is interesting to see where different films and shows got attention. Civil War did better than Doctor Strange with the blogs who pay closer attention to superhero movies, but the mystical adventure got high praise from some more mainstream publications. Luke Cage generally got more critical love than Daredevil. This makes sense as the former was a bit more focused on bigger social issues than the later, which was more of a traditional comic storyline.

Fans will still find the lack of critical and award recognition frustrating. In particular, the Netflix shows are tackling some major issues and providing opportunities for more diverse filmmakers. Those efforts seem to be under-recognized by the critical establishment. Some of the “it’s just a comic book show” stink seems to still linger in the air. That said, some of the recognition above at places like NPR and the Huffington Post and People suggests that Marvel is slowly moving into more mainstream sources.

The next big opportunity for awards recognition will be January 24th, when the Oscar nominations are revealed. Both Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange are hopeful to make the nomination cut for special effects. Nothing is guaranteed, but both are in contention to become the first MCU films to win an Academy Award.

Source: Metacritic Top Ten Film and TV Lists