In the latest episode of MCU Profiles, we take a look at Skurge the Executioner, a character that’ll be played by Karl Urban in Thor: Ragnarok. As you’ll note from the above video, this one is a bit delayed as the film is already in production. Our apologies for that!

San Diego Comic-Con is still one week away, but our predictions say
Thor: Ragnarok might not get a convention appearance until the D23
Expo in July 2017, which is four months before the November 3rd
release of Thor: Ragnorak. But, Thor: Ragnarok just started filming
this month, so let’s give you some insight on another Thor character
making his debut into the MCU: Skurge.

  • Narrated by: Addie Brie Hayes

  • Written by: Jeremiah Peace

  • Animated/Edited by: Luis R. Corrons, Jr.

  • Music courtesy of DL Sounds

  • Sound Effects courtesy of Freesound

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