With Captain America: Civil War now in theaters, and fans having had the chance to check out the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s take on Baron Zemo (played by Daniel Brühl), we decided to turn our focus to him for our latest MCU Profiles video.

When heroes come aboard the MCU, so do their villains, but what if their villains aren’t villains in the movie? Concept art, on-set photos and a trailer reveal for Marvel’s Doctor Strange (2016) show Baron Mordo, one of the first Doctor Strange villains, battling side-by-side with Doctor Strange, himself. Although it seems unusual, we think it is a rather smart move. See why on this week’s MCU Profile.

  • Narrated by Addie Brie Hays

  • Written by Brendan Faux

  • Edited by Luis R. Corrons, Jr.

  • Music courtesy of DL Sounds

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