Welcome to the MCU Weekly Pulse, a rundown of all the stories throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we didn’t cover in News or Features this past week.

Laura Harrier Readying For Spider-Man: Homecoming


This week saw Marvel continue to fill out the cast of Spidey’s solo MCU debut Spider-Man: Homecoming with young acting talent. Laura Harrier was added to the mix awhile back in an undisclosed role and has recently shared some of her required reading on Instagram – an excerpt from Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy #15, penned by Steve Ditko and published in 1962. That just so happens to be the anthology title that featured the wall-crawler’s own comic book debut.

#research ?? #spidermanhomecoming

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is out July 7th, 2017.

Source: Laura Harrier on Instagram

Daredevil And Co. Gunning For All The Emmy Nominations


With Jessica Jones having walked away with multiple trophy wins, Marvel is now pushing Daredevil‘s Season 2 cast and crew as serious contenders for the Emmys. Front and centre is John Bernthal‘s tortured portrayal of Frank Castle/The Punisher who has the Best Supporting Actor gong squarely in his crosshairs – as seen in this billboard on Instagram.

Sunset Blvd. much love y’all.

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This is accompanied by a slew of recommendations in the ‘For Your Consideration’ Daredevil DVD set – which also features some cool postcard images from the series.

Some pics from the Emmy “For Your Consideration” Daredevil DVD set pic.twitter.com/Nw9qsWtK94

— Daredevil Manw/oFear (@manwithoutfear)
June 2, 2016

That list in full:

Outstanding Drama Series: Marvel’s Daredevil

Outstanding Lead Actor: Charlie Cox

Outstanding Supporting Actor: John Bernthal

Outstanding Supporting Actress: Deborah Ann Woll

Outstanding Guest Actor: Vincent D’onofrio

Outstanding Guest Actress: Rosario Dawson

Outstanding Directing: Phil Abraham, Peter Hoah

Outstanding Writing: Marco Ramirez, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

Outstanding Cinematography: Martin Ahlgren

While we’re on the topic of Daredevil nominations – who would you pick based on this fun 8-bit character selection graphic posted by Netflix India?

Difficulty level: Hell’s Kitchen. @Daredevil #8bit pic.twitter.com/Nud535g8H6

— Netflix India (@NetflixIndia)
June 1, 2016

Daredevil season 1 and 2 are available now on Netflix.

Source: John Bernthal on Instagram, Manwithoutfear and Netflix India on Twitter

Jessica Jones Soundtrack Now Available On iTunes


Because you couldn’t get enough of the Jessica Jones‘ soundtrack by Sean Callery , it’s now available on iTunes. And if you did enjoy it that much the first time around, it really is worth another listen with a good pair of headphones – a sonic fusion of creeping gumshoe noir, muted trumpets and ambient jazz that isn’t afraid to go full-on experimental.

Available to purchase here.

And in case you fancied revisiting Daredevil‘s season 1, consider that it’s now available to own via iTunes (where it’s been discounted for a limited time only).

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 is available now on digital download! Just £6.99 until June 6th!https://t.co/3KQUDTTLkM

— Marvel UK & Ireland (@MarvelUK)
June 3, 2016

Source: iTunes, Marvel UK on Twitter

James Gunn’s Pencil Work Still Menacing Wednesdays


This week saw a Wednesday happen. Which means we also got to see a little of what James Gunn shot for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 on said Wednesday. Amazing to think there’s only going to be two more of these left as filming nears completion. For the high quality art check out pencil drawings at majdasart.com.

Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2 is out April 25, 2017

Source: James Gunn on Facebook

Adrianne Palicki Comments On Not Being More Wanted


Adrianne Paliki is bummed. And that’s understandable, considering her character Mockingbird was written out of Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D only for the plug to be pulled prematurely on the intended spin-off Marvel’s Most Wanted before even getting to pilot. Her tweeted lament on the matter did however come with a measure of good grace, a heartfelt thank you for continued fan support, and a sparkle of good humour. #Least Wanted.

So bummed that Most Wanted isn’t going forward. Just want to say thank you to all the fans for all of your love and support. #leastwanted

— Adrianne Palicki (@AdriannePalicki)
May 29, 2016

Here’s hoping Marvel will find a way to reintroduce her character somewhere down the line. -cough- Hawkeye! -cough-

Source: Adrianne Palicki on Twitter