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Today on MCU Q&A, we answer the following questions:

  • 0:45 – Charles Lee asks, “What are your ideas to integrate FF and X-Men into the MCU?”

  • 4:19 – Aidan Rutter asks, “Lego released a Marvel Airport kit with a Giant-Man huge minifigure all the way back in April. I haven’t seen Civil War yet as of time of writing, but what do you think of toys spoiling a film like this?”

  • 6:30 – SeeThroughScreen asks, “What do you think the untitled Marvel films will be? And do you believe in ‘superhero fatigue’?

  • 14:13 – Andrew Watson asks, “Do you think that Marvel will ever make a genuinely BAD movie and if so which one do you think it will be?”

  • 16:42 – Diego Roman asks, “What two characters in the MCU would you like to meet the most?”

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