Doug and Addie are here again to take your questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe! As always, we love answering your questions, so make sure to ask your questions for future episodes in the comments below, or via email at [email protected]! On today’s episode of MCU Q&A, we answer the following questions:

  • 0:41 – Andrew Watson asks, “What do you think is the worst superhero movie ever made?” and Ignacio A asks, “which is the best superhero movie?!?!?”

  • 5:18 – Pacman wisdom asks, “What’s your favorite superhero suit in the MCU?”

  • 8:02 – Iron Peace Films wants to know, “if marvel will make a r rated movie, which character do you think it will be that marvel has the rights for”

  • 10:00 – LightningBlade311 asks, “What do you think will happen to the MCU if and when Kevin Feige leaves Marvel Studios?”

  • 14:30 – Understanding Comics asks, “I know it is not MCU but what’s your opinion of Miles Morales rumoured to star in the animated film?”

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