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Marvel Wins Big During the Super Bowl

While we still haven’t seen a proper second trailer for this May’s Captain America: Civil War, the Super Bowl did give us some new footage in the form of a 30-second spot minutes before the game.

According to RelishMIX, who track social media engagement, that spot won the night for movie spots.

But that wasn’t the only Marvel spot during the big game. While it wasn’t technically for a film (even Civil War didn’t get a shout during the commercial), Marvel and Coke’s Hulk vs. Ant-Man fight came in at 3rd place, beating out a number of actual film trailers. It’s not surprising considering the production value and the fact that Paul Rudd reprised his role as Ant-Man. And considering Hulk won’t appear in Civil War, it’s likely the only time we’ll see the two heroes go head to head as they won’t share the screen until Avengers: Infinity War, and they’ll likely have their hands full fighting Thanos in that one.

Captain America: Civil War releases May 6th.

Source: Deadline

Luke Cage Actors Discuss Upcoming Series

Luke Cage should be wrapping production any day now, and with Season 2 of Daredevil set to premier next month, we’re likely to learn a lot more about when the show will release and what the story will entail. In the meantime, a few of the stars have been coyly discussing their roles in the upcoming Netflix series. While speaking to the Toronto Sun about the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, Alfre Woodard briefly touched on the show where she’ll be playing Mariah Dillard.

“I’m not allowed to talk about Luke Cage!” says Woodard over the phone, laughing. “But I think they’d let me say it’s going fabulously. Every day is exciting and fun and it’s like living in a parallel universe.”

While it’s not much to go on, the rest of the article is pretty interesting as Woodard herself sits on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Click the link below for the rest of her comments. And for an even briefer take on his role in the series, Theo Rossi, who will play the villainous Shades, had this to say during an interview with AOL BUILD.

“Its the most excited I’ve been for a project.”

So we don’t know anything new, but at least the stars of the show are as excited as we are for the premier.

Source: Toronto Sun and AOL BUILD on Twitter

James Gunn Shares Another BTS Photo

James Gunn shared another photo from the script rehearsals for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 this week.

With filming having officially started yesterday, we should get some much juicier behind-the-scenes- photos from the director from here on out.

Source: James Gunn on Twitter

Anthony Mackie On Civil War

While talking to Empire magazine, Anthony Mackie, who will be reprising his role as The Falcon in Captain America: Civil War, summed up the tone of the film.

“I would say this one is more of a true suspense thriller.”

That certainly seems in line with what the Russo Brothers did with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Mackie then went on to discuss the groundwork that has to be laid before the action can truly pay-off.

“The build-up to the fight is what makes it so interesting because there are so many different factions of who’s right and who’s wrong and who supports who. Once we get all of that out the way, then it becomes more action-packed and more of us kicking each others’ ass. If it’s a civil war, you have to establish why there’s a war. You can’t just start fighting and expect people to appreciate it.”

Source: Screenrant

Bobby Cannavale And Peyton Reed Discuss Working On Ant-Man Together

Sounds like director Peyton Reed and Bobby Cannavale, who played Paxton in Ant-Man, had a little trouble working together on set. It seems like it was all in good fun, but Cannavale appears to be a bit of stickler for the in-world reality of the film when it comes to shooting scenes. When asked by EW how it was working with the actor, Reed had this to say:

“Cannavale is great because he’s got such an incredible range and we were asking him to play a much different character than he’s really used to playing,” says Reed. “I remember first seeing him in The Station Agent and just thinking, ‘Okay, this guy is a really good actor.’ He’s so incredibly prepared.”

But it wasn’t all praise.

“He was the king of asking a hundred thousand questions about his motivation for everything,” said the director. “It became a joke with us. It became a challenge because he would go, ‘So, really, I see the van from over here? There’s a sign between there, I don’t have a line of sight.’ It was like, ‘Well, the audience isn’t going to see that sign, I’m not filming the sign. They’re going to think you have a line of sight to the van.’ There were always like weird technical questions.”

Obviously there’s no bad blood between the two given that Cannavale simply seems eager for everything to makes sense, but according to him, there might have been more to it.

“Like, I’m standing underneath this huge building, Pymtech or whatever it is,” says the actor. “I’m standing, strategically, underneath a huge American flag. And then this tank is supposed to come flying out of this building. Of course, it’s not really happening, it’s just bluescreen everywhere. Which begs the question, ‘Why are we here at four o’clock in the morning? Why don’t we shoot in the day and then you can make-believe it’s night with the bluescreen?’ So, that was one question. And then I said, ‘So, I’m standing here, and this tank comes flying out, wouldn’t the debris kill me?’ And, you know, it’s a massive stunt, and there’s ten cameras going, there’s two hundred extras, and I’m screaming ‘Wouldn’t I get hit by the debris?’ And you just hear, over the loudspeaker, ‘No, Cannavale! You’re not going to get hit by the debris! it’s a movie!’ I go, ‘Hold on, hold, hold on. I know it’s a movie, but maybe if I moved to the right a little …’ ‘Then, you won’t have the flag in the shot, Cannavale.’ ‘Oh, I see. So, it’s important the flag is in the shot?’ ‘Yes, Cannavale, it’s important! Are you ready? Can we roll?’ ‘All right, give me a minute.’ But I was really just taking the piss out of the whole thing.”

Ant-Man is out now on home video.

Source: EW

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