With Ant-Man less than a month away, and several Marvel properties filming or gearing up to film, there’s been plenty of news over the past few days concerning the latest developments in the MCU:

Jon Bernthal Talks the Punisher

The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal has kept mostly silent about his recent casting as hardline vigilante Frank Castle aka the Punisher in Daredevil season two, but the actor broke his silence in an interview with ABC News. Bernthal said of his casting as the fan-favourite anti-hero:

“Oh man, it’s just a huge honor to play the part and that’s all I can say about that. I’m very thrilled and we haven’t started yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it.”

Daredevil season two is coming to Netflix in 2016, and is likely to begin shooting within the next couple of months for a spring release date. The extent of Bernthal’s involvement has not been revealed yet, but it will likely be substantial.

Source: ABC News

Is Kenneth Branagh Wanted for Thor: Ragnarok?

Shakespearian director/actor Kenneth Branagh directed the first Thor back in 2011, but passed on the sequel, with director duties falling to Alan Taylor for Thor: The Dark World. However, due to Taylor’s rocky relationship with Marvel during the movie’s production, he’s very unlikely to return – so Marvel seem to be looking elsewhere for the third Thor movie.

Heroic Hollywood‘s El Mayimbe hinted on Marvel Movie News Live’s podcast that Marvel are interested in bringing Branagh back to direct Thor: Ragnarok – however, Mayimbe also hinted that Branagh’s other directing commitments may rule him out of directing Thor’s next solo outing. Despite that hindrance, Mayimbe asserted that there is still interest from Marvel, though it’s unclear how much of this is actually reciprocated by Branagh.

Thor: Ragnarok is out on November 3rd, 2017, with shooting expected to begin in mid 2016.

Source: ComicBook.com

Jon Hamm Expresses Possible Interest in Starring in a Marvel Movie

Jon Hamm, star of AMC’s critically acclaimed (and recently concluded) Mad Men, has been notoriously ambivalent in interviews about the idea of starring in a superhero movie, stating in multiple interviews that the 44-year old actor believes he is now too old for a superhero role.

However, in an interview with the Telegraph, Hamm expressed some slightly more positive opinions about the idea, citing Marvel’s movies in particular as a possible point of interest:

“I have been a massive comic book fan for a long long time, ever since I was a little kid. I know a lot more about the Marvel universe than your average bear and I have met with those guys at various times.”

However, Hamm did retain an element of his previously hesitant attitude towards the idea of starring in a superhero movie:

“It’s a choice that doesn’t come without positives and negatives. Most of the time if you are signing on to be a super-hero, you are basically, not unlike being on television, signing away the better part of six or seven years of your life.”

With plenty of roles available to Hamm as Marvel introduces more and more new franchises such as Inhumans in Phase Three, it seems only time will tell if the actor will come around to the idea.

Source: MovieHole

Paul Rudd on Starring in Captain America: Civil War

Among the menagerie of heroes announced last month for Captain America: Civil War, Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang/Ant-Man was perhaps the most surprising addition, considering that Lang hasn’t even made his first appearance in the MCU yet. For the first time, Paul Rudd offered a few thoughts on his appearance in the jam-packed sequel to The Best Show, stating:

“It’s been an interesting thing, because I also just went and worked a little bit on Captain America 3. To be in the Marvel world, but kind of be somewhat in a bubble and now to have these experiences where I’m standing opposite Captain America, it’s been a surreal ride so far. It’s really only just starting.”

Given Ant-Man’s key role in the Avengers comics line-up, it’s likely that the screen incarnation of the minuscule hero will play an important role in Civil War.

Captain America: Civil War is out on May 6th, 2016, and Ant-Man releases on July 17th, in exactly four weeks.

Source: CBM

Michael Peña Praises Paul Rudd for Ant-Man Performance

Michael Peña, who plays Scott Lang’s friend Luis in Ant-Man, has been chatting about the movie’s main star, Paul Rudd to ET Online, and talked up the actor’s dramatic acting abilities (Rudd is mainly known for comedic roles in movies such as Anchorman):

” A lot of people don’t know that Paul actually grew up [studying] mainly drama and he’s a dramatic actor. His background is that of drama which really helps out in this movie. From what I’ve seen, he pulls it off.”

To help get fans excited for the release of Ant-Man next month, Marvel teased the upcoming release over on Twitter today with a video reminding fans that we’re only four weeks away from seeing the film.

Source: ET Online.

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