Welcome to the MCU Weekly Pulse, a rundown of all the stories throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe that we didn’t cover in News or Features this past week.

The Cast And Director Of Thor: Ragnarok Share Some Behind The Scenes Photos


The director of Thor: Ragnarok, Taika Waititi gave a sneak peak of Thor’s search for Thanos.

Thor is investigating who is after the infinity stones.

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Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo continues to give us a look at The Hulk, and he continues to look very different than in previous movies. I’m sure they’ll correct a lot of the inconsistencies in post-production. (Joking, folks.)

@taikawaititi the man inside the monster #Thor3

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Ruffalo, who finished his part in Thor: Ragnarok this week, also gave us an inside look at Chris Hemsworth behind the scenes. Ruffalo claims the titular star is in full costume, but we’ll have to take his word for that.

Hemsworth in Full Thor3 Costume!!!

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Sources: Taika Waititi, Mark Ruffalo on Instagram

Iron Fist Production Is Well Underway, And Two More Actors Possibly Revealed


With production in full force in New York City, this week, we got a few behind-the-scenes glimpses of Iron Fist.

Camera Set Up. On location. #netflix #marvel #marvelcomics #tv #originalseries #onlocation #action #filming

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We can’t help but wonder what’s going to show upon this green screen. This show will have more special effects than other Marvel Netflix shows, and if the New York City background wasn’t necessary, this shot would have been put together in the studio.

And thanks to updated credits on IMDB, we appear to have the names of two new actors joining the cast of Iron Fist: David Sakurai and Olek Krupa.


Iron Fist will premiere on Netflix some time in 2017.

Sources: Instagram and IMDB.

Ghost Rider Officially Joins Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Four


Over to the west coast, the cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are back to work filming the show’s fourth season.

During an [interview with Nerd HQ][6] at San Diego Comic-Con, **Clark Gregg** said that he looked forward to working as Mack’s partner in the new season. This week, Gregg shared a picture of the two working (somewhat) together.

Back to work. #mackandcoulson #S.4 (photo credit @disneycamera )

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It appears that the newest member of the team, Gabriel Luna, has officially made his way to set. The actor, as previously announced, is joining the show as Ghost Rider in the coming season.


Luna, himself, gave us a glimpse of the auto body shop where we may first meet Robbie Reyes, the man behind Ghost Rider.

Well get to meet Luna as Robbie Reyes when Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns in September, at a new 10 p.m. time-slot.

Sources: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Geoffrey Colo and Gabriel Luna on Twitter.

Get A Better Look At Melvin Potter’s Workshop From Daredevil


In the dark corners of Hell’s Kitchen, one set that has inspired many fans to look deeper is the workshop of Melvin Potter, the craftsman that developed Daredevil’s suits and continues to create his weapons. This week, Loren Weeks, the set designer for Daredevil shared some images from Potter’s set that we have never seen on screen.

If you look closely there are easter eggs throughout the pictures, including a Giant-Frog advertisement. Do you see anything exciting in the mix?

Source: Loren Weeks on Twitter.

Doctor Strange Gets The Toy Treatment


With the release of Doctor Strange getting closer, the merchandising is taking off. We learned about tons of Doctor Strange mrechandise this week, starting with the fan-favorite Funko Figures.

How can fans choose from so many adorable Funkos?

But if you are wanting something more realistic, Hot Toys has this Strange figurine, which is eerily realistic.

With the way they have caught the look in Benedict Cumberbatch‘s eyes, those figurines might actually be able to perform magic. Meanwhile, no movie-goer will be able to ignore that Doctor Strange is coming out, with the full line of theater merchandising that Marvel is releasing.


Marvel is definitely proud of this next feature film which we will all get to see on November 4th.

Sources: Funko, Hot Toys, and Reddit.

The Jessica Jones Peabody Awards Come In As Netflix Congratulates Those Behind The Scenes On Emmy Noms


In April, Jessica Jones was awarded the Peabody award for entertainment. This week, the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, Joe Quesada, shared how unreal this honor is, even as the physical documentation comes in.

The hard-hitting show is also recognized by the Emmy Committee, having been nominated for the title sequence so beautifully drawn by David Mack. Netflix congratulated him on the nomination this week.

Jessica Jones touched many fans that didn’t expect to enjoy a “comic book” show, and it’s great to see that the creative minds behind the effort are getting rewarded. We’ll get more of the hard-hitting private investigator in The Defenders sometime in 2017 and eventually in Jessica Jones‘s second season, which will most likely premiere sometime in 2018.

Sources: Twitter.

The Russo Brothers Share A Great Behind The Scenes Photo From ‘Civil War’

Civil War Logo

As we move closer to the DVD & Blu-Ray release of Marvel’s latest blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, directors Joe and Anthony Russo have continually been sharing behind the scenes photos from the film’s production. This latest one, which showcases a pivotal scene in the film, shows a thoughtful looking Daniel Brühl and a focused Chadwick Boseman. It also has one of the best captions out of all the photos they’ve released thus far.

Poor Zemo.

Source: Facebook.

More SDCC Photos Surface Featuring Yondu, Plus Spidey Meets The Doctor


Not only can we expect Yondu to reappear as a fully fledged member of the gang in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, but this time round he’ll also be sporting a new, improved cybernetic mohawk. You can check it out in all its glory in this selfie posted by James Gunn.

Elsewhere at San Diago Comic Con, Benedict Cumberbatch presents a somewhat perturbed looking Tom Holland with a fluorescent pink paper crucifix(?). Not quite as impressive as the yantras we’ve seen Doctor Strange casting in the promotional material for his own movie – which is testament to the post-production process one supposes.

Throwback to comic con. Benedict demonstrating his magical powers. Very strange! Doctor strange looks amazing.

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Sources: James Gunn and Tom Holland on Instagram

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