Just a scheduling note for those of you who have come to expect the MCUExchange Podcast on Fridays.  As mentioned last week on the podcast, we are moving the release schedule to Mondays.  The main driver on this move is the change in ABC’s release schedule.  When Inhumans comes out and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns they will air on Friday.  Monday releases will give listeners a couple days to watch the episode but also be somewhat close to the release so reviews aren’t old news.  The same holds true of films and Netflix shows, which release on Fridays as well.  (As a side benefit, Caleb will be able to sleep on Thursday evenings now too!)  We believe that regular releases are important for a podcast and we will be showing the same commitment to regular Monday releases as we’ve shown to Friday releases for the last six months.  See you all on Monday!