As filming on Spider-Man: Homecoming has already begun, we got our first look Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Tony Revolori on the set. The photos have so far been not too exciting, only showing off the high school logo and the style that will be present throughout the movie. Homecoming has had plenty of additions to the cast over the last few weeks, with many of them looking to play some of Peter’s classmates. Now thanks to the latest batch of set of photos, we have our first looks at a few other members.

Daily Mail has posted the photos above with the first one in the gallery giving us a look at Michael Barbieri, Abraham Attah and Isabella Amara in a group with Zendaya. Barbieri and Amara are wearing matching shirts so they may be part of a school club. The other shots of Zendaya and Holland are not too exciting either, although at first glance the logo behind Holland in the final photo is similar in nature to Vulture’s wings. However, the logo shown is for Teradek, a real world company that specializes in video encoders and transmission systems.

With the likes of Attah and Amara just reported as cast members earlier this week, their presence here certainly confirms those reports, along with **Jorge Lendebork Jr. and JJ Totah in relation. They are set to continue filming in public areas for the next week or so, so we should continue to see more photos throughout that time. Hopefully they will be slightly more exciting and Marvel will confirm the character names for the cast in the near future, but until then tell us your thoughts on these photos in the comments below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to hit theaters July 7, 2017.

Source: Daily Mail.