Everyone’s been talking about Black Panther, Infinity War, Iron Fist, Defenders, Runaways, and Cloak & Dagger so much these past few weeks that some folks might be forgetting that the sequel to the beloved Ant-ManAnt-Man & the Wasp – will be heading to production in a few months. On his official Facebook page, Michael Douglas snapped a photo of himself, teasing Hank Pym’s goatee and return in the much-awaited sequel.

Douglas’ tease is unsurprising but fun nonetheless. Douglas was one of the actors whose inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe gave the on-screen microcrosm the prestige one wouldn’t expect for these family films, so it’s a joy to see an actor of his caliber look forward to filming a movie as outrageous as Ant-Man & the Wasp.

In other Ant-Man news, resident Atlanta set photographer Atlanta Filming took to Twitter to inform fans that pre-production on the film would start in the Peach State real soon. With production gearing up in a few months, we can probably expect more Ant-Man news from the Marvel camp next. I myself am dying to know who the film’s villain will be. One of my favorite Phase 3 rumors out there was the one saying Egghead would be the villain for this film. The idea of Michael Douglas starring in a film where the villain’s head is shaped like an egg is a beautiful thing.

Source: Facebook and Twitter