You guys know how it’s always been with the music from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A handful of them are actually pretty fantastic (Alan Silvestri‘s Avengers theme, Henry Jackman‘s Winter Soldier soundtrack, Tyler Bates‘ Black Tears from the Guardians of the Galaxy score) but rest have been mostly subpar. And one of the things fans have been hoping for in this third phase of the MCU alongside a better set of villains is a more cohesive sense of musical identity for each franchise. Luckily, we got some big musical names that could really make it happen this time.

Enter Michael Giacchino, the heir apparent to all the projects formerly bestowed to the great John Williams, who currently has two MCU films under his resume – the first being last year’s Doctor Strange and the latest one being the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming, the latter being a story we covered back in November. – who just took to Twitter to post a video from a drum session, confirming that production for the score has started.

The video might not look much to the average MCU fan but for a drummer like myself, this is pretty cool. For one thing, he has Peruvian percussionist legend Alex Acuna (a guy I’ve been reading about since my early drum days over a decade ago) recording tracks for the film. For another, it seems like the score (or at least a part it) will be percussion-driven, a refreshing change from the MCU and Spidey music we’ve gotten so far. As someone who loves the heavy drum-driven score of Man of Steel (a score that featured several of the drummers I idolize BTW), this is exciting news. So yeah, gimme all the videos from this session.

What do you guys think of Michael Giacchino beginning production for the Homecoming score? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter