Good news for Spidey fans: Michael Giacchino, one of the best film composers in Hollywood, who’d already worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming, is coming back to the franchise and will score original music for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Giacchino is one of the top composers in the film industry of our time, and gave the MCU one of its most nostalgic musical moments, the recreation of Spidey’s classic TV show theme. Of course, that wasn’t his only contribution to the MCU, since he also composed the score for Doctor Strange and the fanfare heard everytime the Marvel Studios logo shows up at our screens.

Music has become one of the MCU trademarks, with movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming getting praised for their use of popular songs from the 70’s and 80’s. However, the original scores are seen by many as a low point of most of the universe’s films, with few exceptions. Apart from Alan Silvestri‘s work on the Avengers films and Tyler Bates hitting a few right notes throughout the years, the MCU original scores are pretty basic. So, considering that, and the fact that Michael Giacchino is said to be the natural heir to John William‘s legacy, having worked on franchises such as Star Trek, Jurassic World and Planet of the Apes, as well as most of the Pixar films, it’s nice to see another great composer become a regular for the MCU.

Source: Film Music Reporter