Although the film isn’t slated to kick-off production until January, Marvel’s Black Panther is already well into pre-production and has already added two big names to its cast alongside star Chadwick Boseman. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has joined the cast as a love interest. And, of course, as we all know, news of Nyong’o’s casting was then followed by news that rising actor Michael B. Jordan had also joined the cast in a villainous role, proving that Marvel was going after top tier talent for the upcoming film. However, there’s one actor that has continually shown interest in joining the project that hasn’t been mentioned as a contender for a role just yet – Michael K. Williams. An actor like Williams, who has shown just how strong of an actor he truly is throughout the years, should be a given for a film like Black Panther (or any film, really), but the actor isn’t too hopeful that’ll it actually happen.

While talking to the folks over at Collider about his role in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed film, Williams explained that the main reason he was drawn to that project was that it was an opportunity to be an action hero. The actor then went on to explain that his kids really want to see him in a Marvel movie, but that as it stands, he just doesn’t see it happening.

What was the biggest draw for you that made you say yes to this project? Was there any one particular thing that made you say yes?

WILLIAMS: You know, I think the main thing was I looked at this as my opportunity to be like an action hero. So that was kinda cool for me, my son is all excited. It’s off my bucket-list, it’s like ‘Okay I gave you guys your action hero,’ they want me to be a Marvel comic character but I don’t think that’s going to happen. This is my take on an action hero so I’m really psyched about that. Of course another opportunity is to be in scenes with Michael Fassbender. We crossed paths in 12 Years a Slave, but we never really got to be in the same frame together. So that was another easy sell for me. I love the storyline, this whole battle between good and evil kind of speaks to I believe the time we’re living in right now, just with all the craziness going on. It’s an interesting take of right over wrong, light over dark. I like those types of things.

Of course, Marvel and director Ryan Coogler are still in the early stages of casting. So the possibility of Williams joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and no, his role as Harlem Bystander in The Incredible Hulk does not count – is still pretty high, especially if he continues to express interest in doing so. And who knows? Maybe a little rumor from the Collider folks could even help him out.

For your son’s sake would you like us to run a rumor that you’re gonna be in Black Panther?

WILLIAMS: Oh man, dude, you got a Christmas envelope coming (laughs). That’s the one my kids want for me, actually. Oh yeah.

Black Panther, which will enter production in January 2017, is set to hit movie theaters on February 2nd, 2018.

Source: Collider.