There is so much stuff happening with the Marvel Cinematic Universe that it is sometimes hard to fathom. Captain America: Civil War just had its red carpet debut, Doctor Strange got its first trailer, and Spider-Man: Homecoming is the official title of the Sony/Marvel reboot. Sticking with the web-slinger’s franchise, some new and quite exciting news just dropped.

Variety is reporting that yet another Oscar nominee is joining the MCU as Michael Keaton is in talks to play a villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming. While the deal is not yet signed, this further shows the level of talent that Marvel/Sony is after. In their report, Variety does not say he is the main villain, which means the recently rumored appearance of Vulture could be a possibility for the role he will play. This would be an ironic choice after his performance as Birdman, but he could very well also make a great Norman Osborne.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming is scheduled to hit theaters July 7th, 2017.

Source: Variety.