In just a few short hours, we will travel back in time of the MCU to the 1940s and go on a series of new adventures with Peggy Carter. There has been plenty of build up to this point and wondering what could be in store this season. Going back to August, we learned that Madame Masque would be the villain in season 2, which lead to Wynn Everett being cast in the role.

After months of filming, the two hour season premiere happens tonight and will give us our introduction to the character. We have seen her in promotional stills leading up to the episodes, but have yet to be given a proper debut. Michele Fazekas, one of the Executive Producers and Showrunners for Agent Carter, talked to about what this version of Madame Masque is like.

The great thing about Marvel is, because there are so many different versions of all these characters, we’re not told by anybody at Marvel, “You have to do this version of this character.” So in many ways we’ve done our own versions of a lot of the characters that we’ve introduced, like Fennhoff. Whitney Frost, and Madame Masque, is sort of our version of that character. We have nods to the mask, we have nods to why she wears that mask.

She has previously stated that we will not see Frost dawn the gold mask, as well as stating that Hedy Lamarr was an inspiration for their version of the character. As for the other characteristics of Frost,

She’s very famous, but she’s this sort of secret genius who operates through her husband in this very Lady Macbeth way. It’s really fun to sort of compare and contrast her with Peggy Carter, because they’re very similar, both beautiful, smart women, but both very different.

Peggy (Hayley Atwell) faced off against Dottie (Bridget Regan) for part of the first season, but now it sounds like Frost will be the main adversary she deals with in Los Angeles. Fazekas points out that while they may have a few similarities, they are very different.

Peggy leads with her power. She’s fine to kick everyone’s ass, and Whitney feels like she has to hide that, because she’s been told her whole life, “You are not valued for your brains, you’re valued for what you look like.” It’s very interesting to have time to explore how these two women ended up where they are.

I am very excited to see how this dual plays out over the course of the season and the effects it has on Peggy and those closest to her.

Be sure to tune in to the two hour season 2 premiere of Agent Carter tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC, following a special 75th anniversary celebrating Captain America at 8 p.m. EST.