When Thor: Ragnarok was first announced, many were wondering what direction it would take. No one was going to be ready for the direction director Taika Waititi is taking the franchise. What looks like a joyful adventure through the galaxy seems to take more inspiration from Guardians of the Galaxy than it did from the previous Thor entries. Yet, this new direction also seems to dip quite a lot more into the overall Norse mythology. The main antagonist is Hela, the Norse god of death. We got a glimpse of the Fenrir wolf fighting Hulk at some point in the series in a trailer. It seems as if we might get one more addition. Slash Film revealed the possibility of the Midgard Serpent making an appearance in the sequel, based on concept art they spotted during their Ragnarok set visits.

Concept art also seemed to hint at the presence of Midgard serpents somewhere in the movie as well.

The Midgard Serpent, also known as Jormungand, is one of the many offspring of Loki. His mother was a frost giant sorceress named Angerboda. The beast became famous in the legend due to it being banished by Odin, but as a result, it got so large that it would wrap itself around a planet. With the Fenrir Wolf also being one of Loki’s children, it will be interesting to see how Loki’s relationship will be with his many children and if they will truly dip into their mythological background.

The question remains how this character would tie into the overall story. We still have no clue how Fenrir gets into what seems to be the final battle. She may have taken the two children of Loki under her wing as pets or even have them protect Asgard, as she makes her way hunting down the god of thunder. Even if the serpent does not have a huge role, it would make for an interesting visual to see him wrapped around a planet. Could be an interesting way to tie into how Norse mythology has a much more cosmic influence in the MCU. It will also be interesting to see what version of him will make it into the film, as there have been many designs given to the beast.

Do you want to see the Midgard Serpent? How would you put him into the film?

Source: Slash Film

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