With Luke Cage barely a week away fans are clamoring to finally see Mike Colter knock down some bad guys and dish out some neighborhood justice. Going off of the trailers, we are bound to see some fantastic action. To help sate fans appetite for all things Luke Cage, Colter and Misty Knight herself, Simone Missick, spoke to AMC’s new show, “Geeking Out” about taking on superheroic roles and doing the stunts that go along with them.

Going off of this interview and from everything we’ve heard so far, it seems like Missick, in particular, is going to really bring it. Her stated desire to “kick-ass” coupled along with all of the kudos she’s received so far in the role have really helped create hype for her character. But we’ll just have to wait and see until the premiere on September 30th.

Source: Youtube.