Last week, we brought you surprising news that even though the second season on Jessica Jones had only just begun filming, that we were seeing signs that Luke Cage had also started production on a second season. Today, at the C2E2 convention in Chicago, Colter told fans that he will indeed begin filming Luke Cage soon. After revealing that he was shocked that the first season of his show crashed Netflix, he went on to say that he will begin filming season two in June. Towards the end of the panel, Colter went on to say that he has already read the first few scripts of the second season and reiterated that the plan is to wrap filming in March of 2018, which would represent a significant increase in production time.

Colter maintains a fabulous physique when he is embodying Cage, but it comes at a price. He said that the main key to his diet is not eating pizza, but when it comes to snacks, those are sometimes more important. While filming The Defenders, he was so sleep deprived that he yelled at food services for running out of jelly beans. Not cool, man. When it comes to his actual diet, he says that eating chicken, sweet potatoes, and brown rice is a good place to start. When it comes to beverages, though, he does drink coffee, which anybody who has watched Luke Cage knows has some implications. Colter said that whenever they talk about drinking actual coffee around set, they make sure to not make eye contact.

Special thanks to Adam Barnhardt for providing live coverage of Colter’s panel at C2E2 through our Twitter feed. While we don’t know when we’ll see Luke Cage‘s standalone series again, we know we’ll see the character as one of The Defenders, when they take the screen on August 18. Will you have jellybeans ready?