We were all taken by surprise when Netflix started cancelling Marvel shows one after the other, indicating that their partnership is most likely soon to be over. While some still hope shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist can still be saved when Disney+ arrives in the near future, the general feeling is that these versions of these properties are done for now. One who was not as shocked as we all were, however, was Power Man himself, Mike Colter. In an interview with Comicbook.com, he described his point of view as the star:

**I don’t think I was as shocked as most people were because I was a little closer to it. There were some things, some tell tale signs, that were not quite feeling right for me. Although we had an internal pick up, amongst a certain amount of people who were close to the project, and we were moving forward with the writing and writing the group writer’s room, et cetera. There was a lot of stalling. There was a lot of things that didn’t feel quite right. Then, deadlines. One deadline would come and it would go. Another deadline would come, it would go. There were some things that started to feel a little odd, so, when it happened, I was like, ‘Eh’. It wasn’t that much of a shock. But yeah, still shock.**

Although the description doesn’t give a lot of insight into the behind the scenes situation that led to the show being canceled, it does raise the question of why would Marvel and Netflix pick it up just to cancel later? What changed in so little time? Considering we might never get an answer to that, the next question Colter offered his insight to was whether these shows might have a chance of coming back, and what is the fans role in pressuring for a revival. In his words:

**I don’t know that’s something that fans can do, necessarily. I think it’s a real network/studio thing. I think it’ll just resolve itself, one way or the other. There just needs to be some time. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that’s it. But I don’t think the fans… as much as the fans– the outpouring of the fans is very touching and well received and it’d be appreciated — I don’t think it’s gonna make anything happen, but it’s nice to know that. I think ultimately if it comes back, it’ll probably come back because of the fans demand for it. I don’t think that their work is going in vain. It just may not happen as soon as they want it to.**

It’s hard to tell what exactly Mike Colter was trying to say, since he apparently started to say that the fans demands wouldn’t make much of a difference and that it was a ‘network/studio thing’, but then he went on to say that if it ever did come back, it would be because of the fans’ demands. His whole point is most likely what he tried to say in the end, that the fans gotta demand for a return, but that it just might take a while for the companies involved to figure it out.

We don’t know if Luke Cage as we know it is ever coming back, but you can dive into that corner of the MCU once more when season 2 of The Punisher premieres on January 18th.

Source: Comicbook