If there’s one way to win the hearts of fans regardless of the quality of the actual story, it’s bringing comic book pages to life. I guarantee you that Iron Fist would have fared better and earned respect among the majority of fans if they’d actually included Shou-Lao the Undying in the show instead of those LED lights we got at the end of the season. For all the hate Batman V. Superman got, they did a fine job bringing pages like The Dark Knight Returns to life and fans loved it. Simples joys like that are what truly enrich a fan’s experience watching any comic adaptation. And it looks we’ll be getting a whole load of that in this August’s The Defenders judging from the trailer and Mike Colter‘s recent comments. Speaking to TV Guide about the show’s fight scenes, the Luke Cage actor gave a tease on what to expect.

There’s a couple of good fights in there. I think the one the people will really be pleased with is one that I have with certain people who I’m NOT gonna name. But I think they’ll be pleased with that one because of the comic book stuff.

Now you might that because Luke Cage has existed as a fictional comic character for over 40 years now, the scene in question could be anything. Well once you narrow it down to the characters involved in the show, you got a handful selection of iconic fights. First thought off top of my head is him going up against Daredevil. The two have squared off more than once in the comics (occasionally in very hokey ways), with my favorite being a scene from the Brubaker/Lark run where Daredevil attempts to vent his frustration out on Luke to obviously painful results. That scene could totally happen in the show but then again, it just ends up being someone getting his fists broken punching Luke, a scene close to being played-out. We’ve seen Luke and Jessica fight already and there’s not much in the comics to base any new fight from so we can probably rule it out.

Now, Mike Colter could easily be referring to a scene between him and Danny Rand as the two have traded punches way too often in the comics but we already saw what their first-time encounter would look like in the trailer, so unless Colter lives under a rock and has no idea that a trailer is out, this seems unlikely. The character I think is in question is none other than Elektra. During the New Avengers/Secret Invasion run of Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu, Luke Cage shares a particularly hilarious moment with Elektra in the heat of an all-out brawl with the Avengers and the Hand.

Yep. That’s Elektra getting kicked in the crotch full-force by a man with unbreakable skin. If that ain’t a moment that would please fans, I don’t know what the hell to think. Mike hints at us getting something super fun and I have a feeling that this could be it. Heck, maybe it happens during that Midland Circle hallway scene from the trailer.

Source: Youtube