Last year when Jessica Jones hit Netflix, it introduced another super powered friend to help out Jessica. That friend was none other than Luke Cage. Mike Colter was responsible for portraying him, but as just one piece of the puzzle, he did not have to carry the burden of the show on his incredibly broad shoulders. This will all change come September when he steps into the spotlight of his own series. Details have so far been sparse on what exactly the plot of Luke Cage is, only that it will have it’s own unique feel.

Colter recently took part in a Facebook Q&A held by EW and of course they talked about his upcoming series. He was asked to talk about the story that will be about, but in the typical Marvel way he did not give too much away. After naming off his fellow cast mates, Colter does actually tease the very political sounding plot.

There are politicians and then there are shady characters that function on the other side of the law. Who does what? I won’t say, but this becomes a situation where there are a lot of people who want to help Harlem and think they have Harlem’s best interests, but, ultimately, just because they think or say they have Harlem’s best interests, sometimes they’re being very selfish or being very short-sighted. So sometimes what they’re doing is actually harming the community.

So this is where Luke comes in because Luke is a person who likes to, he observes and he listens and he takes in to account what people tell him, and he’s a pretty smart guy himself and he understands that some peoples’ way may not be the best may not be the best in the big picture. So ultimately Luke has to get involved because there are a lot of things that happen, a lot of people get hurt, a lot of lives are lost and unfortunately he’s the only one who is capable of actually helping deal with this because sometimes the law enforcement is actually not the best because they’re not aware or they’re not capable, or maybe they’re corrupt. So, without getting into too many details, Luke Cage is gonna have to step up and be the man.

It will be fun to see how this all plays out, and how Luke deals with problems in his own way that is different from Daredevil and Jessica. Colter was asked if any other Netflix characters will crossover, most notably his pal Jessica, but he unsurprisingly dodged the question. We will have to wait and see if he gets any help, but let us know what you are hoping to see from Luke Cage in the comments below!

Luke Cage will debut exclusively on Netflix on September 30, 2016.

Source: EW.