A cast list for Spider-Man: Homecoming, first uncovered by CBM, has confirmed the roles of Donald Glover and Logan Marshall-Green. On the list, Glover is credited as “Aaron Davis” and Marshall-Green is credited as “Jackson Brice/Shocker #1.” Readers of the site may remember our scoop on the identity of Marshall-Green back in April and our speculation on Glover as Davis. We stopped short of “scooping” that one because we could not confirm with a second source, but the evidence was too compelling to leave it alone and it worked out well in the end.

What’s interesting about the confirmation is that it gives us a bit of a window into the mind of Kevin Feige. Marshall-Green is clearly part of Adrian Toomes’ gang (though we now know that Michael Mando is NOT playing Fancy Dan!), but that his tenure as the Shocker is a limited one. Furthermore, the casting of Glover as Davis would seem to indicate that Marvel Studios has long-term plans for Miles Morales, the nephew of Davis. If they simply wanted to insert a version of the Prowler, the costumed identity of Davis, they could have easily gone with the Hobie Brown version. Instead, choosing Davis gives us an indication not only that Morales is coming (in fact another unconfirmed rumor from an old source indicated that he was “alluded to” in an old draft of the script), but also that this new version of Spider-Man is taking as many beats from the Ultimate universe as the main 616 universe, if not more.

Could Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios be setting up a Spider-Men film down the road? In Ultimate continuity, a Miles Morales co-existed with a Peter Parker for a while before taking up the mantle upon the death of Parker. While The Death of Spider-Man would certainly be a bold move, it would certainly generate some buzz. Without having seen the movie, there’s no way we can tell you how big, if any, role Morales has or even how old he is if he’s in it, but in the comics he was 13 when he took over as Spidey, so we could certainly see him becoming involved in 2019’s Spider-Man sequel and then pushing into the spotlight in 2021 or so. If there’s one thing I feel confident about, it’s that when Feige sat down to work this deal with Sony, he had a 10-year outline of how he wanted to tell this story and that Morales was a part of his vision.

Of course there are other things of GREAT interest in that cast list, some of which really makes one think, but that’s a story for another day.


Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters in just two weeks!


Source: CBM