Ming-Na Wen recently attended Salt Lake FanX which I got to attend and during her panel on Saturday, she mentioned a few things in connection with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and her character Agent May.

First, Ming-Na reflecting on the end of the series saying that “It’s bittersweet… because we have such an incredible family over there.” She also commented on the last scene of the cast together saying that “there was a definite sense of finality about it.” However, the actress indicated that “Marvel characters… never really go away, so I’m sure that there will be somewhere down the line, there will be some sort of situation where I will need to bring back a reincarnation of Agent May.” There is no indication at this time that any of the cast will appear in any upcoming Marvel projects.

Ming-Na did drop an interesting little aside about LMD Coulson in the coming season of Shield. After Sarge caused a huge misdirect for Agent May a fan asked what Agent May would think about an A.I. Coulson. She jokingly indicated that “A.I. Coulson might have other talents depending on how you program him…sooooo…” Ming-Na does have a reputation for colorful humor while on set and this might just be a little flavor of that humor. However, with this being the last season of the program there is a chance that we could see more of “May-son” or “Coul-may”? No matter what you call them it will be exciting to see the two back together again.