Comic-Con season is upon us and everyone had a ton to announce this year, Marvel included. Through several panels over the past couple of days Marvel has debuted new footage, confirmed casting for major projects, and so much more. So much in fact, that you probably missed a lot of it unless you’re an avid reader here at MCU Exchange. Let’s fix that, here’s everything important you need to know about Marvel’s announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Luke Cage Trailer Debuts

First let’s talk Netflix. With Marvel’s Netflix universe building out from the popular Daredevil and Jessica Jones series, two more series are set to debut over the next two years. Luke Cage will be the first of those two and with production on the show wrapping up, Marvel had a lot to show us at Comic Con this year with the main highlight being the first teaser trailer for the show.

We also got a sizzle trailer for the all three Netflix shows so far which also included new footage from the upcoming Luke Cage.

Along with that the same panel was actor Jon Bernthal, star of the upcoming Punisher series, to talk about his commitment to the character.

Daredevil Season 3 Confirmed & The Defenders Gets A Teaser

Marvel also took the time to confirm that Daredevil would be coming back to Netflix for a third season following up on the massive success of the first two seasons. A short teaser for the new season was also debuted.

While no one’s going to argue with more Daredevil coming, the biggest highlight of the panel was the debut of our first teaser trailers for The Defenders, the upcoming team-up series which will bring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist together to defend Hell’s Kitchen. The teaser doesn’t show us any footage, but it does hint that the villain of that series will be The Hand as mentioned in Daredevil seasons 1 and 2.

This same teaser also confirms that The Defenders will debut in 2017.

Our First Look At Iron Fist

Among all of the excitement, Marvel also gave us a treat by debuting the first footage from the upcoming Iron Fist series. This will be the first series following Luke Cage, but a firm release date has not been confirmed with the teaser simply stating it would be in 2017.

Ghost Rider Is Coming To Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4

After being rumored for a few weeks, Marvel officially confirmed that Ghost Rider would make his MCU debut in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 with actor Gabriel Luna taking on the role. In a twist, however, Marvel has opted to use the newer Robbie Reyes version of the character rather than the more well-known Johnny Blaze version who was previously seen in non-MCU movies.

On the SDCC floor Marvel gave us a teaser for the character’s debut and also showed us what his car would look like, however we’ve yet to see any concept art or images of the character just yet.

Black Panther Cast List Gets Confirmed And More

After focusing on their small screen properties Friday, Marvel Studios focused on the big screen for their Saturday night panels starting off with Black Panther. Marvel did confirm that the film will start production in 2017 and debuted a new logo, but more importantly we finally got a final cast list for the film. Rumors have circulated for months regarding a massive list of characters rumored to star in the movie, and now most of those have been confirmed.

In addition to Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther himself, and director Ryan Coogler, Feige also welcomed to the stage Michael B. Jordan, who will play Erik Killmonger; Lupita Nyong’o, taking the role of Nakia; and Danai Gurira as Okoye.

BP Logo new

Thor: Ragnarok Gets A New Logo, Teaser Footage (That We Don’t Get To See)

With the massive amount of Marvel films on their way it can be hard to decide which to be most excited about, but as for most of us here at MCU Exchange, the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok is near the top of the list. With an incredible cast list it’s safe to assume the film is going to be pretty incredible as it is, but for SDCC? Marvel had still a few surprises in store.

First of all, Hulk’s Gladiator armor. We already knew Hulk would be in the film and assumed that his appearance would likely be based on the Planet Hulk storyline, but now that’s all but confirmed. At SDCC, Marvel shocked us all by showing off the armor Hulk would be wearing in the film and it looks pretty fantastic. Sadly there’s no concept art yet to show him in the armor, but we’ll likely see that as the film’s release approaches.

Hulk armor

Along with that, Marvel also confirmed a few details about the film including the inclusion of Surtur. While Surtur likely won’t be the main villian in the film, he will apparently play a fairly large role based on the fact that he appeared in footage from the film shown off to attendees of Marvel’s panel. Other footage was also shown off to show us what Thor was doing during the events of Civil War. The footage likely won’t be released online, but the description is all we need to know how amazing it must have been.

Thor’s time away seems to have been filled with rather mundane things, such as moving in with a normal person, dictating letters to Iron Man and Captain America, Building a Conspiracy board for the Infinity Stones, having coffee with Bruce Banner, and referring to Tony Stark as “T-Bone.”

Last but not least, Marvel also debuted a new logo for the film as seen below.


Doctor Strange Gets A New Trailer And Poster

Marvel’s next film will be Doctor Strange, so it was pretty obvious that we’d be getting something new at SDCC and that came in the film’s second trailer. This new trailer shows us much more footage from the movie including showing off Strange’s powers in action. Check it out below!

Along with the new trailer, Marvel also debuted a new poster for the film with the tagline “The Impossibilities Are Endless”.

Spider-Man Homecoming Will Feature The Vulture

The hype is real for 2017’s Spider-Man Homecoming and with the film only 10 days into shooting, we didn’t expect much in terms of footage. However Marvel did end up showing an exclusive clip to SDCC attendees. It won’t be released online, but you can get an idea of what it entailed in the description below.

Teaser description

Along with that, Marvel also officially announced the villain for the movie, The Vulture who will be portrayed by actor Michael Keaton. To show us what he’ll look like, Marvel also released concept art for the character through Twitter, revealing his highly tech-based costume.

Vulture concept art

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Confirms Kurt Russell’s Character And More

After wrapping production last month, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 director James Gunn brought new exclusive footage to SDCC, but that wasn’t the highlight of the evening. Kurt Russell attended the panel and while he wouldn’t reveal his role, a clip that Marvel revealed to the crowd did. We now know that, not only will Russell be portraying Star-lord’s father, but he’ll also be Ego the Living Planet! How this makes sense we have no clue, but nonetheless we’re super excited.


That bombshell wasn’t the only one however as the same clip revealed that Sylvester Stallone would also be in the film! Further Elizabeth Debicki‘s role in the film was confirmed as the villain Ayesha.

Yes, Brie Larson Will Be Captain Marvel

After rumors had been circulating for weeks, Marvel finally confirmed that Captain Marvel would be portrayed by actress Brie Larson. Following that announcement the actress came out on stage to join the MCU family with cheers from the audience filling the room (as seen in the video below).

Along with that announcement, they also revealed a new logo for the film.

Captain Marvel

So that’s it! Everything Marvel has announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Pretty insane right?! We’re in for quite the ride over the coming months so stay tuned right here at MCU Exchange for all the latest on the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe!