The Defenders left endless possibilities for the future of our favorite street heroes, one of which being Misty Knight and the fate of her missing appendage courtesy of the most annoying Finger of the Hand, Bakuto. Those rascals at Entertainment Weekly just dropped an answer for that question in the form a bombshell photo featuring Misty Knight and her brand new bionic arm for Luke Cage Season 2. Check it out!

Daniel Wu as Sunny – Into the Badlands _ Season 2, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Antony Platt/AMC

So for a grounded show with a limited budget on make up and prosthetics, that looks hella dope!! We absolutely dig its design and how distinguished it is from her other MCU cohorts with artificial limbs. It’s a lot less cybernetic and more makeshift and practical. I was actually worried for a second that they were going the Coulson route of giving her a human-looking arm to save time and budget. But man they seem to be committing to zaniness of a New York detective having a high-tech prosthetic limb for a fully-functioning arm! We cannot wait to see how this looks onscreen! Danny’s hospital contacts must be crazy advanced.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly