With Disney’s new exclusive streaming platform Disney+ premiering in mid-November and at least 7 confirmed Marvel shows coming down the pipeline, there are dozens of new roles that need to be cast and filled. Today, we finally have some news as to one of the most anticipated heroes we’ll see on Disney+ and a vague idea of who might play the part! A new report from GWW has revealed that Marvel Studios is searching for a Jewish “Zac Efron-type” who is preferably of Israeli descent to take the starring role in Moon Knight.

This type of actor would make perfect sense for Marc Spector with the fact that that he is the son of a rabbi in the comics. Efron himself has reportedly been looked at for a number of different roles in the MCU over the years ranging from Adam Warlock to Johnny Storm. He has even been rumored to be in the running for Moon Knight considering his own real-life Jewish background. Considering the state of flux that Marvel’s television division is currently in, this is a refreshing bit of news that should have us all looking forward to Marvel’s slate of shows on Disney+. Moon Knight, along with She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, does not have a release date to begin streaming and there have been no new confirmed actors or production staff confirmed for these shows, but all of us are hoping that this will be the first of many new casting descriptions and announcements to come in the near future!