Marvel Studios seems to be fast-tracking quite a few of their shows. Falcon & The Winter Soldier has finally entered production, they already seemed to have cast their main players for WandaVision and Ms. Marvel is also already casting. Marvel Studios isn’t wasting any time to slowly roll out their new series on Disney+. Hollywood Reporter just announced that Jeremy Slater, one of the minds behind Netflix’s superhero series Umbrella Academy, will be leading the charge for the D23 announced Moon Knight series. He also has some Marvel background as the co-writer for 2015’s Fantastic Four reboot. Slater was also the creator of The Exorcist TV series.

Among the many announced Disney+ series, Moon Knight might be the most interesting. The character is one of Marvel’s strangest characters. Marc Spector has gone through many interpretations which is fitting given his split-personality. They can play around with his own insanity and hopefully, they’ll also include Mr. Knight, his personality that dresses in an all-white suit. Moon Knight can also explore the Egyptian mythology of Khonshu, as he was a conduit for the moon god at one point in the comics.

Slater already had the opportunity to play around with some strange characters in Umbrella Academy and we might even get some horror-elements thanks to his background from The Exorcist. We might not get an R-rated interpretation of the character but if The Mandalorian is any indication, there is still a chance we will get Marvel Studios’ darkest character potentially on par with Netflix’s Marvel series like Daredevil.

Source: THR