When news broke that Sylvester Stallone would be joining Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, fans couldn’t help but contain their excitement. The only piece of information missing was who exactly Stallone was playing. Now thanks to Redditor /u/felipenerdcore, who was present at yesterday’s Marvel Studios Panel at CCXP, we may have an idea on who could it be.

In a recent Reddit thread the Redditor took to the web to share his thoughts on the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and the panel. When asked by our own Charles Villanueva about the recent Guardians panel at Brazil Comic-Con this is what /u/felipenerdcore had to say regarding Stallone.

Totally human. No cgi or makeup. It was just a few frames and looked like he was on that main planet from the first movie. In the panel, JG said we will a character of major importance for the cosmic side of MCU.

The main planet from the first movie he is most likely referring to is Xandar. If he does in fact have a human look, it wouldn’t be totally out of reach to say he is a resident of the planet and perhaps part of residing Nova Corps population. As for the emphasis on his importance for the cosmic MCU, the redditor continued saying:

Looked like some aristocrat outfit from said planet. As I said just a few frames. A retired Richard Ryder seems likely. From what he said I got the impression Sly may have a multi picture contract. I looks like he may be the Samuel L Jackson of Cosmic MCU

If Stallone is in fact Richard Rider, this could be huge for the future of the MCU and cosmic side as a whole. As some of you may know, Richard Rider is one of the most popular cosmic characters in the Marvel roster; a Green Lantern-tier character of sort and an incredibly important part of Marvel’s evergreen cosmic saga. Now, an older Richard Rider may not be exactly what fan’s have been clamoring for but as we’ve seen with the MCU Hank Pym, it still could work. As for Stallone potentially being involved in a “Samuel L. Jackson” type role, this says a lot about where the MCU may be headed on the cosmic side. For one thing, we’ll be seeing more of Stallone in the MCU in the years to come and another, Stallone’s character just may be a major connecting tissue in the cosmic side of things.

Aside from those juicy Sly bits, /u/felipenerdcore also shared some information regarding a much talked about scene involving Ego and the Guardians that was previewed as well a few months ago in San Diego Comic-Con.

Yep. The joke is that he says to Starlord that he became courious about humans and life on earth, so he created a human aspect for himself, so he could come to earth. Drax asks if he has all the details of a human. Starlord interups because he sees that Drax is about to ask if EGO has a human penis, and says nobody wants to know that and he does not want to think about his parents doing it. But EGO confirms he has a penis.

It seems as of the whole “birds and the bees” conversation between Star Lord and his dad is a bit different than the usual awkward discussion, especially when you add Drax to the mix. We can already see how hilarious this is going to play out on-screen. This is also the first concrete bit of information explaining how in the hell a freaking planet would be able to father a human child, an idea that left users bewildered when first announced. What do you guys think about all this? Could Sylvester Stallone really be playing a retired Richard Rider? If not, who do you think he will play? Sound off in the comments below!

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 releases May 5th, 2017.

Source: Reddit