Another report has surfaced online, bringing forth even more rumors for the upcoming Luke Cage series. (In case you missed the first report.) This time, however, the rumors involve future Netflix shows.

Basically, another user from Reddit has taken to Reddit to claim that he stumbled onto the set of the Luke Cage series which is currently filming in NYC. While on the set, he was able to talk to some of the crew members of the show, getting bits and pieces of intriguing information regarding the Netflix shows. The gist of what the user learned from the set are as follows:

  • Iron Fist will more than likely be featured in the show as a set up for the series and that a lot of those Netflix characters will begin to crossover as we get closer to The Defenders.
  • Iron Fist will have his respective place in NYC – “somewhere in Queens.”
  • That there may be possibly another show besides The Defenders series and that it could star The Punisher.
  • There’s the chance of a Spider-Man appearance in the future.
  • A Chinese restaurant that may be prominently featured in Luke Cage will be named Genghis Connie’s.

Mind you, all this information is essentially hearsay so keep those salt grains ready. Interestingly, this was from the same Reddit user who claimed to have seen Madame Gao on the set. While we can’t vouch for the user’s credibility, all this generous info is undeniably making us keep our eyes peeled, particularly those Iron Fist ones.

All this Iron Fist talk has been sorely missing since the series announcement. There have been rumors brewing about how difficult it is to crack the character, the story and the mythology that surrounds it and that they still haven’t made a breakthrough. These rumors of Iron Fist making an appearance in the Luke Cage show could only mean that they have indeed cracked the puzzle. Maybe Jeph Loeb‘s comments recently on a casting announcement were a hint that he’s already been cast and will first appear in Luke Cage.

As for Punisher having his own series, it’s been on every fan’s wishlist. Given the popularity of the character and how it’s tailormade for the Netflix format, seeing it happen in the near future post-Defenders won’t be that much of a surprise. The surprise would be seeing it pre-Defenders, considering how Defenders seems so far down the road with a 2017 release. Adding another show would only push it further to a 2018 date.

The Spider-Man bit is looking to be the most unlikely because of the very complicated live-action rights surrounding the character. The Sony/Marvel deal to bring him to the MCU is an already complicated arrangement. Bringing him to the small screen would complicate it even further. Not 100% impossible, of course, but highly unlikely to happen in the near future.

As always, take all this information at your own risk. Nothing is set in stone nor is anything official. We can only hope that these end up being true!

Source: Reddit.