Tonight, as the sun sets on the longest day and we prepare for the shortest night, Marvel has decided to grace fans with a little bit of something that might keep you awake for a little longer. Summer is here, and this summer, we will finally get The Defenders. For now, we get a motion poster of each character, set to that now-familiar rendition of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are,” to heat things up even more.

Of course, Charlie Cox‘s Daredevil, the most well-known Defender (since he was the first) was the first to appear.

Then, as if she knew somebody in Hell’s Kitchen was feeling full of himself and needed a good insult, Krysten Ritter‘s Jessica Jones joined the party.

A cooler head has to join the scene, but it’s not cooling off our excitement. Marvel then gave us Mike Colter as Luke Cage, showing all the emotions.

Then we all lost our chi when Finn Jones‘s Danny Rand showed up, bringing the power of the Iron Fist.

Finally, the gang all comes together in one poster featuing each defender in the order that they were introduced to viewers over the years.

With these new clips, we also have a new banner.

Obviously, Marvel doesn’t care that many areas of America are suffering from a heat wave, because they are more than ready to heat things up. So enjoy this treat to get you through the shortest night of the year, and to help you last until August 18, when we’ll get to see The Defenders in action, on Netflix.

Source: Twitter