One of several shows announced this year alone for Disney’s new streaming service, Ms. Marvel is said to begin filming September 2020. Bisha K. Ali will be acting as showrunner with prior experience as a writer for Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral series adaptation and Netflix’s Sex Education. Since production starts in just a year, it’s certain that Marvel Studios are already looking for the actress who’ll play the Muslim teenager.

The role itself calls for a Pakistani-American raised in New Jersey her whole life. Considering the lengths Disney went in casting Aladdin, it is entirely possible we could see an unknown actress slide into the role. Of course, they’ll hire the best actress for the job, but that actress could very well be on no one’s radar. Well, not until Sarah Finn finds them.

With a sequel to Captain Marvel unlikely until at least 2022 it seems, like WandaVision, this series could directly lead into the films. Considering that Kevin Feige has already confirmed that Kamala Kahn will appear in the movies, this is likely to become a trend with these shows.

How do you think this series could lead into the Captain Marvel sequel? Should it?

Source: Discussing Film