While we may not know much about a few of the confirmed Marvel shows premiering on Disney+, some of them even with no confirmed release timeframe, tonight brings us at least a snippet of info regarding Marvel TV’s future! News from Twitter has revealed that Ms. Marvel is scheduled to begin filming in April 2020 under the working title “Jersey,” filming in Atlanta under Circle Q Productions, which readers will recognize as Kamala’s hangout spot in the comics.

This information comes timely with the rumblings saying that casting for Kamala is already underway. With the shooting schedule, we probably should not expect a release until 2021 at the earliest, but this is a nice bit of news just to start the hype train. Ms. Marvel is sure to bring a brand new perspective into the MCU with the young Kamala Khan getting her powers and finding her way in the world, and she is one of the many new characters to come to Marvel’s movies and Disney+ shows over the years to come.

Ms. Marvel is one of 7 confirmed shows to stream on Disney+, which is scheduled to begin streaming on November 12, and none of us can wait to see what Marvel has in store for this new division of the MCU!

Source: Twitter