As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, there are countless new characters that the team is planning to bring to both the big and small screens. With the new Marvel TV universe seeming to have at least a soft reboot planned, there are not only new characters coming to life, but even new versions of groups of heroes that we will hopefully see improved upon. According to a new report from the Illuminerdi, we have learned that Marvel is starting the casting search for two new characters to premiere in the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, specifically Red Dagger and Kamran.

The team is looking for two male, Muslim supporting characters in the age range of 17-25 for both of these roles. Red Dagger is a crime fighter originally based in Pakistan, and the character description explains an undeniable romantic connection between him and Kamala Khan. As for Kamran, he is described as having a relationship with both Kamala and her family, but the bigger reveal is that he is also described by name as a morally corrupt Inhuman.

This is an absolutely huge revelation that gives us Marvel Studios’ plan to bring the Inhumans back into the MCU! After the absolute disaster that was ABC’s The Inhumans series, which was highly maligned by critics and fans alike, it is an amazing sign that Marvel is working to tie Kamala’s origins back to that mythology for her own solo show similarly to how it happened in the comics. The superhero team has had incredibly mixed reviews on the small screen, but after the potential they showed with Daisy Johnson’s Inhuman storyline on Agents of SHIELD, there is still enough of a chance for it to work in the future, which the Marvel team seems to understand. Filming for Ms. Marvel is set to begin in April 2020, with no set timeframe for its release on Disney+, but the fact that this show is bringing the Inhumans back into the fold should be an exciting bit of news for everyone to chew on as we await more concrete details for the new show!

Source: The Illuminerdi