It’s easy to forget that we still have a few Marvel Studios Disney+ shows on deck later in the year, one of them being Ms. Marvel. While we’ve only seen a little from the show so far, we finally have a first look at Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani in the full costume. Unfortunately, we cannot host the images without getting sued so we’ll link it instead.

The suit looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a dope interpreation of what was in the comics. I absolutely love how she has Chucks on. I’m astounded they actually gave her a domino mask; something they shied away from for Winter Soldier. It’s definitely not as makeshift as her comic costume as well as Spider-Man’s dumpster outfit. This clearly looks like it was made by someone with the resource to produce something as intricate as this. If you look closely at the tunic, it has intricate patterns all over it. Overall, such a great faithful rendering.

Source: Just Jared